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Nature Calls

Nature Calls

Sometimes Nature just calls you. This happened to Element rider Phil Zwijsen: one bright day, he assembled a crew of fellow curious minded skateboard friends and decided to go challenge the great outdoors of the Pyrenees Mountains.

Their mission? To skate sometimes, explore always, untouched natural terrain filmed in all four seasons. Turning this video project into a global movement, he then invited some of his teammates to do the same at home in the US, Finland and Brazil, putting their own twist on their local environment.

The journey inspired this Nature Calls Element capsule. Just like the team's tactful trip, the earth-toned collection itself is an eco-conscious effort: it uses 5K recycled and durable Repreve poly-cotton, as well Polartec recycled Thermal Pro fabric. The same way street skating is happening the second you open your front door, this collection celebrates locally-rooted adventure!


nature calls element skate
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