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Element X Hotel Radio Paris

Element x Hotel Radio Paris

It's all about new talents, creativity and the collective good; wherever they express themselves, in the heart of the city or in the great outdoors. 

Sharing the same vision and values,  Element and Hotel Radio Paris are collaborating on a multi-layered collaboration weather proofed by Polartec® fabrics.

Created by skateboarder, outdoor enthusiast, music and fashion buff Jean-Charles Leuvrey, Hotel Radio Paris is an independent radio dedicated to musical exploration. Since 2016 has built a community through over 7,000 shows, 10,000 guests and multiple events in 100 countries - and counting.

Joining their forces, Element and Hotel Radio Paris are launching an unprecedented initiative that includes a nomadic pop-up radio tour through big cities around the globe. Now more than ever: stay tuned!


Element and Hotel Radio Paris partner up for Fall/Winter ’21 to release an outdoor-inspired capsule collection. Featuring Polartec® fabrics to meet the needs of an active community, it includes a skateboard deck and soft goods (jackets, fleeces, tees, pants, hat, a vest) benefiting from Polartec® weather protection and fleece technologies.

The resilient construction of Polartec fleece technologies creates air pockets for insulation, making them lightweight, warm, and fast-drying with maximum durability.

Reflecting Hotel Radio Paris' manifesto, each garment is a nod to urban culture, the great outdoors, skateboarding and Paris - down to the oh-so-French names of the pieces.

Ultimately, this unique collaboration outlines what Element is all about: connecting the dots between young creatives equally at ease in the inner-city then deep into nature.


From September 16th on, you are invited to follow our nomadic pop-up radio tour through Paris, Hong Kong*, Toronto*, Brighton, Milan, Berlin and New York* spearheaded and curated by London's rising star Lord Apex, who will be MCing and showcasing emerging talents. In each city, a two-day activation will include music, talks, and exciting outdoor missions, from urban fishing to skateboarding.

In each city, a two-day activation will include music, talks and exciting outdoor missions, from urban fishing to skateboarding. Tune in! And if you can't be on-site, have a look at the full broadcasting on our Youtube Live. It will be worth it!


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